What Makes a Great T-Shirt?

It’s More than just a Cool Montana Logo

Here at Aspinwall, we make high quality clothing.  But with so many options out there, how do you know that you’re getting something that is well made, or something that’s cheaply thrown together in some shop overseas?  There are actually a few different methods.

First, we only use the highest quality materials, and all of our t-shirts are made right here in the USA.  That means you’re getting an awesome t-shirt that shows off your love for the mountains and the outdoors, that’s constructed in a facility where quality control is rigorous.

Here’s how that’s done.

Understanding Fabric Quality

If you have ever shopped for bed sheets before, you know about thread count.  Generally speaking, the higher the thread count, the better the sheets feel.  It’s very similar with a t-shirt.  The difference, however, is that the thread count isn’t listed on the label.  Instead, there are a few other criteria to look at when determining the quality of the fabric.

made in the USA clothing

Take a Look at our Label – Our label gives the information that you need.  Here you can determine the types of fabrics used, and you can see that it’s made right here in America.

Hold it to the Light – Of course one of the easiest ways to tell the difference between a cheaply made shirt, and that which is crafted with quality, is to hold it up to the light.  Something that has been thrown together will allow a whole lot more light through it.

Looking into the Stitching Quality

There’s more to a shirt than just the quality of the fabric that has been used.  Essentially, how is it all held together?  It’s pretty easy to churn out low-quality shirts; but when skilled labor is involved it turns into a finely honed craft.

Visible Stitching – Many of the lower quality shirts will have visible stitching that looks great.  That is, after all, what you see.  What you want to look for is consistently high quality stitching throughout the shirt.

Hidden Stitching – Stitching that is hidden is where the true test of quality lies.  Does the quality of the stitching diminish on the seams not readily visible?

What’s the Fit, How’s it Feel, Is it Durable?

What it comes down to is how does the t-shirt fit?  How does it feel against your body?  Are the fabric and stitching of high enough quality that the shirt will last for years to come?

Here at Aspinwall Mountain Wear, our goal is to make clothing that you love to show off.  Clothing that fits great, feels amazing, and inspires others to get out there and explore!  Whether you’re looking for the perfect t-shirt, or the ultimate hoodie, we are your source for outdoor apparel.

shirts made here in the USA