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Holiday Shopping Made Easy

If you’re like most people, gift giving feels great.  Finding the perfect gift, seeing the joy as the recipient opens it up, and what’s even better is seeing them use that gift repeatedly throughout the year.  The hard part, however, is finding that gift.  You scour the stores, wonder if it’s quite what they wanted, debate about it, and ultimately settle.

This year, let’s make it easier.  This year, let’s make sure you can give the gift they will love.  A gift that they will use for years to come.  A gift that provides joy, comfort, and protection.

Best Holiday Gifts of 2022

Why Choose the Gift of Clothing?

Years ago, when I was a teenager getting into rock climbing, backpacking, skiing, and other outdoors sports and activities, my family wanted to encourage these hobbies.  For Christmas one year I received a variety of camping gear… but it was all items that I already had, didn’t have use for, or weren’t well made.  I appreciated the gift, but couldn’t really use it.

The point is that buying for people, especially when you know their hobbies, is tough!  They have a certain item, a certain brand, or something with certain features in mind.  Receiving a gift that’s not what they were focusing on puts them in an awkward position of using the item they didn’t really want in order to not appear ungrateful.

The alternative?  Clothing from Aspinwall Mountain Wear!  Everyone needs something to wear, it’s hard to go wrong with clothes (if you don’t know the size, gift cards are a great choice).

Montana T Shirts for Sale

Why Choose Aspinwall?

Aspinwall Mountain Wear is a clothing company based in downtown Billings, Montana.  Our goal is to provide the best clothing, at affordable prices, that is actually going to last.  Why choose Aspinwall over ordering a shirt online?

Superior Quality Materials: Most shirts today are mass produced cheaply and quickly.  The result is you have a cool shirt that lasts for about 3 to 5 washes.  Then it fades, stretches, and isn’t quite what you used to love.  Give it about a year and it’s worn so thin it’s not really worth much more than a rag.  Aspinwall clothes buck that trend.  Using sustainably sourced materials (as much recycled textiles as possible), made here in the US, and inspected, means that you get top-notch clothing that will stay in great shape for many years to come.

Superior Fit: Because our shirts are hand stitched in the US, it means we can travel to the manufacturer and oversee the process.  We can change design features as necessary (take a look at the Best Hoodie in the World to see how it was all designed with the best of the best features in mind).  No awkward draping t-shirts, no too-tight collars; just great fit.

Superior Artwork: There are many ways to put art onto fabric.  Most shirts are now screen-printed.  But even with that there are variations.  Using a superior “paint”, better mesh, and custom designed artwork, we can put better prints onto the shirt, and have it bond with the fabric (instead of sitting on top and peeling after a couple of washes).  Our shirts are screen printed right here in downtown Billings.

Screen Printing Billings Montana Made Clothing

Why Choose Local?

Everything that goes into the Aspinwall clothing can be replicated.  And there are likely stores and manufacturers around the country that create high quality clothing; some may even be cheaper.  When you’re shopping for gifts this year, whether you choose Aspinwall or not, consider shopping local.  Here’s why.

Support Local Families: Local shops are generally run by local residents.  They often have families that have needs just like yours.  Supporting a local business means the money stays here.  The family that lives here benefits, and they turn around to spend money at other local businesses.

Support Local Infrastructure: If you’re tired of dilapidated streets, broken infrastructure, poor emergency services, and anything else that has to do with making the city run, then it’s time to keep money here!  Local businesses pay local taxes; those taxes pay to make our city great.

The Multiplier Effect: A dollar spent at a local business isn’t just a dollar kept locally.  Instead, because of the way taxes work, buying supplies for the local business, paychecks, etc. that one locally spent dollar can exponentially grow into an impact worth many more dollars.  Take a look at the Multiplier Effect to see the science and studies behind this.

 Local gifts to boost the economy

Choose Aspinwall for Your Holiday Gift Giving

Whether you’re buying for one person, or you have a dozen people on your list, we want to be your source for gift giving! One stop and you’re done when you shop for gifts at Aspinwall.  We can even ship your items across the country.

Come on into the store, or browse our online catalog to get all your shopping done today.