How We Created the Best Hoodie in the World

A Functional Hoodie that’s More than a Fashion Statement

There are a lot of clothing companies that claim to have created the best hoodie around.  Some make their own claims; others have journalists claim it for them.  So when designing the best hoodie in the world, how do you compete with all of the companies that say they have the best one?  Simple: incorporate the best concepts from each one.

In the fashion world the hoodie was seen as a lazy choice for something to wear.  Can’t decide what coat to put on?  Throw on a hoodie.  Until recently, when it started picking up popularity around the country (not here in Montana, this is hoodie country, we have always known the value of this piece of clothing), and now everyone is stitching them together.  The big brand names are slapping $250+ price tags on them because they can.

The hoodie available from Aspinwall Mountain Wear beats them all for less than half that price.  Here’s why.

Beef up the Fabric

Most hoodies are put together quickly and cheaply by using just a single layer of thin fabric.  That’s great for the summer and the temperature has dropped into the 60’s.  But most of us want a hoodie that’s going to keep us warm when it’s actually cold outside.  That means it needs to be a whole lot thicker.

To make the best hoodie around, we doubled up the fabric on the hood to make sure you stay warm.  But we made sure to keep the inside sueded in order to maintain the soft feel against bare skin.

The first thing you will notice when you pick one up is that it’s a whole lot heavier than a typical hoodie.

Increase the Size of the Hood

Best hoodie in the world

Speaking of that hood, how many times have you gone to flip yours up in order to keep you warm, but it doesn’t quite do the job?  Often the hood is nothing more than a design feature; it just doesn’t function the way it should.  To combat that issue, an Aspinwall hoodie has an oversized hood.  It’s designed to fit over the top of your hat so you don’t have to shed a layer in order to put a layer on.

With doubled up fabric the snow, wind, and cold won’t get through the hood.  Your head and ears are going to stay toasty warm.

The very essence of the hoodie is a sweatshirt with a hood, the best hoodie in the world should have the best hood in the world.

Hide those Drawstrings

Drawstrings hooded sweatshirt billings Montana

Have you ever worn a hoodie, and the drawstrings were hanging down, and the next thing you know they’re getting caught around something and you’re being dragged across the lawn?

Yeah, us neither.  But it’s a big worry for a lot of people.  So we create tiny little pockets for the drawstrings to live in.  No flopping around, no mess, just clean lines.

Make the Pocket Better

When it comes to making clothing, the fewer cuts and angles that you can do the faster it can be produced and the cheaper it can be sold.  This is why when you pick up a low-cost hoodie made overseas, and you put your phone in the pocket, it often slides right out the side.  Aspinwall Mountain Wear makes quality clothing, and when something goes into the hoodie pocket it will stay there until you take it out.

Quality stitching along the edges of the deeper pocket, along with the heavier fabric, means that it’s a place to keep your belongings safe and your hands warm.

The best hoodie in the world doesn’t let you drop your phone.

Hoodie Billings clothing company

Extend the Cuffs and Hems

Often overlooked on any many garments are the cuffs and hems.  They are seen simply as the transition, the edge.  So a cheap cuff is sewn on, or sometimes none at all.  Cuffs and hems, however, are more than just stylistic elements.  They’re designed to help keep the hoodie tight against you preventing the cold winds from creeping in through the openings.  So why double the size of the cuffs and hems?  They won’t stretch out this way.

Over time fabrics wear out.  With larger than normal cuffs and hems, the edges of your hoodie won’t wear out as fast, and they’ll perform their job long after a cheaply made product is tossed aside.

Throw in some thumb loops to keep the sleeves in place, and you’ve got the best hoodie in the world.

local clothing company montana clothing company

Purchasing the Best Hoodie in the World

With the amount of design time, fabric, and quality that goes into each one of the Aspinwall hoodies these should run you well over $100.  But they don’t.  They’re not your cheap $15 big box store hoodie, but they’re not meant to be either; they’re much better than that.  They are the best hoodies in the world.

Check out our selection of hoodies; multiple styles to choose from, there’s one that’s bound to meet your needs.