Together We Win

Giving Back to the Community that Supports Aspinwall

In 2014, Aspinwall Mountain Wear started out with some humble beginnings. The idea was there, and tucked into the corner of the garage things unfolded.

It turns out that the Billings community loves local businesses, and what began as a hobby and a side hustle, quickly started to grow. Aspinwall moved into a small 200 square foot space in downtown Billings and lasted less than two years.

Not that failure was imminent, but rather that Billings is so awesome, the demand for quality clothing that is locally made forced expansion into the current space on Broadway.

Through the years Billings has supported Aspinwall Mountain Wear; and now the company is in a great position to give back to the community that has helped us to get to where we are now.

Aspinwall and Leavitt Group Insurance Sponsor Real Billings Football Club

Aspinwall clothing Billings

Real Billings Football Club (RBFC) was born out the demand for affordable sports for kids. In the 5 years they have been around, they have grown to more than 300 boys and girls who play competitive soccer.

The Aspinwall family has three, and soon to be four, girls in the program.

When Richard Duffy, RBFC’s coaching director, approached Aspinwall Mountain Wear about being a sponsor for the 2022 season, it was the perfect time to give back to the community they love. Because the Billings community has faithfully supported Aspinwall Mountain Wear, the business is able to sponsor high quality jerseys for every participant this season.

The result is lower out-of-pocket costs to play, so kids can learn teamwork, get outdoors, and have fun growing up in Billings.

Success Means Something Different to Everyone

Aspinwall Mountain Wear Billings

Aspinwall Mountain Wear was founded with a focus on the outdoors, being active, and family.

By staying true to those roots, and with support from the Billings community, the company has grown to a point where they can give back.

Derek Aspinwall jokingly mentioned that “people have their priorities all out of whack. When your community supports you and helps you succeed, you give back to that community instead of buying that second or third yacht.”

Derek went on to say, “In the words of Kanye, ‘Everything we did for the crib.’ It’s always been about getting to the point where we can give back.”

Quality Jerseys for Quality People

Quality clothing Billings

With a strong background in providing quality clothing, being the jersey sponsor was just a good fit for Aspinwall Mountain Wear.

Aspinwall Mountain Wear took the opportunity and was able to provide high quality jerseys to a soccer league that is rapidly growing and impacting hundreds of young lives every year.

“The benefits of playing competitive soccer – such as being physically fit, developing friendships, and learning teamwork and other life lessons -- should be available to as many kids as possible, without a financial burden preventing them from experiencing the beautiful game.” – Martin Smith, Real Billings Founder and Club President

Together We Succeed, Grow, and #togetherwewin

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Success means something different to everyone.

But when we all work together, we can all move toward success, growth, and ultimately winning.

Let’s celebrate the wins. As you’re watching your team play any RBFC game this year, capture the moment and share it with the community. You can browse your favorite pictures by using the hashtag #togetherwewin

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